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"Acacia was such an inspirational speaker at the monthly women’s meeting. She brought an insightful and refreshing message to the Resurrection House for All Nation’s monthly ladies luncheon. I thank God for what He is doing in her and through her."

- Elder LaTanya Onuzo, Founding Pastor of Resurrection House For All Nations


From the Blog

The Best Book I’ve Ever Written

If you were to ask what’s my favorite book out of all the ones I’ve written I’d say, “Launch Out Into The Deep!” This was the first book I penned in obedience to heed the call upon my life to write books for God’s glory. This book is also a favorite as it was a collaborative effort between my brother Aaron and I. Launch Out Into The Deep was first published in 2006. I … Read More

The Sin of Self Righteousness

The sin of self-righteousness is not easily recognized to the one who possesses this character flaw. This person has a chip on their shoulder and may have a sense of entitlement due to their pedigree, accomplishments and leadership position. Jesus shares the parable of the Pharisee who came into the temple to pray. He gloried in his own self-righteousness and felt it was … Read More

Where Are Your Accusers?

You have heard the story told numerous times about the woman caught in the act of adultery. Can you imagine for a second the embarrassment and horror she experienced? We're told in scripture she was caught in the very act! Little did she know she was being watched. Perhaps, her husband or someone else noticed she was spending a lot of time alone with a guy who wasn't … Read More